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Although Tongue Cancer may be fairly common in the elderly population, getting diagnosed in your younger life makes you a bit of a rarity. As much as we all like being special, the lack of peers really becomes apparent when looking for support.

We love our cancer support groups and they have been immensely helpful, but sometimes it can feel like there is something missing. It can be difficult for people to relate to the medical uniqueness of our diagnosis. It is hard to visualise what the scars might look like, how it might affect our speech, the ability to eat and swallow.

In the instances that we do get to meet with people who are going through a similar diagnosis, they often are at a different stage of their life to us. It’s hard for someone who is retired to relate to our career ambitions, managing a young family or even living with your parents.

That’s why the Young Tongues was founded and is supported by a team of awesome people who are just like you.

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We look forward to getting to know you.

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Young Tongues is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) registered in England and Wales (1204866) Registered address: 109 Knowsley Road, Norwich, NR3 4PT, United Kingdom

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